Selected Group

2012 Stand up Close: Remembering Ron Lambert, Wollongong City Art Gallery
2012 The Gate Gallery, Hunter Valley, NSW
2012 Abstraction in Landscape, Defiance Gallery, Sydney
2011 Abstraction, Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra.
2011 Artist Artists, Benalla Art Gallery, Benalla, Victoria
2010 Unframed, Sheffer Gallery, Sydney
2010 Blue Chip, Liverpool Street Gallery, Sydney.
2008 Australian and New Zealand Works of Art, Martin Browne Fine Art, Sydney
2007 3X2, Roy Jackson + John Peart, Heiser Gallery, Brisbane.
2006 Crossing Paths II, Martin Browne Fine Art, Sydney
2004 Depth of Field, Anamorphosis, Utopia Gallery, Sydney.
2003 The Way of the Brush: Ian Fairweather, Roy Jackson, Tony Tuckson: War Memorial Art Gallery University of Sydney .
2003 Crossing Paths, Martin Browne Fine Art, Sydney.
2000 Dog, King Street Gallery on Burton, Sydney.
2000 Impact, Campbelltown City Bicentennial Art Gallery.
1999 Recent Works – 6 Artists, Mary Place Gallery, Sydney.
1999 Prize Pictures, King Street Gallery on Burton, Sydney.
1998 6 from Wedderburn, Casula Powerhouse Centre
1997 Roy Jackson, John Peart: Works on Paper, Watters Gallery, Sydney
1996 Faces, Watters Gallery, Sydney.
1995 Up Down and Across, Campbelltown City Bicentennial Art Gallery
1995 Recent Small Works, Watters Gallery, Sydney.
1993 Two Painters One Sculptor, Watters Gallery, Sydney.
1993 Within a Stone’s Throw, Campbelltown City Bicentennial Art Gallery and King Street Gallery on Burton, Sydney.
1992 Terracollaboratis, King Street Gallery on Burton, Sydney.
1991 The Figure, Graham Gallery, Kembla Heights
1991 Microcosm, Garry Anderson Gallery, Sydney.
1990 She – Portrayals of a Woman, Watters Gallery, Sydney.
1990 40 Artists, 40 Works, Watters Gallery, Sydney.
1989 A Show of Heads, Watters Gallery, Sydney.
1989 Roy Jackson, Ron Lambert – paintings, Watters Gallery, Sydney.
1989 Portrait of a Gallery, Watters Gallery, Sydney.
1988 Max Watters Collection, Muswellbrook Art Gallery
1988 Wedderburn Connection, Campbelltown City Bicentennial Art Gallery
1988 Abstraction by Degrees, Milburn + Arte Gallery, Brisbane.
1986 Big Abstract Drawings, Hogarth Galleries, Sydney.
1985 South Coast Painters, Wollongong City Gallery
1984 Works on Paper, Campbelltown City Gallery.
1983 Figures and Faces Drawn from Life, Heide Park and Gallery, Melbourne.
1981 Twelve N.S.W. Young Contempories, Wollongong City Gallery
1981 Selected Works from the Michell Endowment, National Gallery Victoria.
1980 1st Sydney Annual, Reids’ Gallery, Sydney.
1979 European Beginnings, Ivan Dougherty Gallery.
1979 Sixties Returned, Wollongong City Gallery.
1967 New Directions Survey, Blaxland Gallery. Sydney.