2013 Retrospective 1963-2013, Drill Hall Gallery, ANU, Canberra
2013 Defiance Gallery, Sydney
2010 To a dry land, Sheffer Gallery, Sydney.
2009 Line of Sight, Heiser Gallery, Brisbane.
2007 Hinterland, Martin Browne Fine Art, Sydney
2005 This and that way, Martin Browne Fine Art at the Yellow House, Sydney
2005 There Then There, Heiser Gallery, Brisbane.
2004 Ekseenda, Martin Browne Fine Art at the Yellow House, Sydney
2002 Stone Country, Mary Place Gallery, Sydney.
2001 Two Lands, One Country, The Customs House Gallery, Tyne and Wear, UK
2001 The Gallery, Queens Hall Arts Centre, Northumberland, UK
2001 Mary Place Gallery, Sydney.
1999 Mary Place Gallery, Sydney.
1998 Mary Place Gallery, Sydney.
1996 Watters Gallery, Sydney.
1994 Watters Gallery, Sydney.
1992 Watters Gallery, Sydney.
1990 Watters Gallery, Sydney.
1989 Milburn + Arte Gallery, Brisbane.
1988 Powell Street Graphics Gallery, Melbourne.
1988 Watters Gallery, Sydney.
1987 Michael Milburn Gallery, Brisbane.
1986 Watters Gallery, Sydney.
1984 Watters Gallery, Sydney.
1982 Mori Gallery, Sydney.
1981 Powell Street Gallery, Melbourne.
1981 David Reids’ Gallery, Sydney.
1980 Powell Street Graphics Gallery, Melbourne.
1977 Abraxas Gallery, Canberra.
1975 Abraxas Gallery, Canberra.